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New white non-volatile bleaching powder without ammonia, with ß-D-Fructose oligosaccharides with high protection of the hair, with lightening up to 8/9 tones. RIGHT COLOR DECOFFEEPLEX presents a new formulation that allows to obtain the maximum lightening while maintaining the hair in its natural shine and integrity. In addition, its non-volatile formula avoids inhalation while preserving the health of the operators. The product is enriched with Keratin and Caffeine. Keratin is a protein that forms a structural component of hair. It can be defined as the cement that forms the "bricks" of the skin appendages. In particular, the hair is made up of hard keratins that make it elastic and at the same time resistant to traction and exogenous agents (UV-light, water hydrolysis). Keratin is added to cosmetic products to help rebuild hair and fortify it from the inside. Caffeine has been shown to stimulate hair growth in vitro and, more importantly, to reduce the suppression of follicular vitality. Caffeine has the ability to increase blood circulation to which its positive repercussions on hair growth have traditionally been ascribed.

Right Color Decoffeeplex

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